As breeders of an ever growing collection of Ball Pythons, we offer
something for everyone from the first time snake keeper to the most
distinguished collector.

You will find Epic Exotics to not only be a source for top quality captive bred
reptiles but also a place sporting some of the finest husbandry products.
Whatever your needs, rest assured it with be provided with the great
customer service you deserve.

We offer top quality and reasonable prices. Explore our site and experience
the difference!

Our collection page is a representation of some of the ball pythons we work
with (some are kept secret). From the normal (wild type) form that is
beautiful in itself, to some of the various pattern and colour morphs.
Combining these special genetic anomalies leads to an addiction that many
can attest to as one finds themselves intrigued by the seemingly endless
possibilities and captivated by some of the stunning results.
Be sure to check back often, this wesite is constantly
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